Talent Acquisition

Relevant to all districts, charters, or private schools. Every student deserves great leaders and teacher in every school and classroom.

Consulting service for all talent acquisition needs


From first point of contact with a candidate and building a Talent Pool of vetted candidates


Selecting candidates from the pool to find the best fit for the district and campus


Giving Hiring Managers the resources to be able to identify the right fit for their campus

Network & District Level

Saves time and money in training new teachers. The better hire they make, the longer that teacher will stay. Impacts: Teacher retention, student outcomes, Organizational Health.

Hiring Managers

Less time interviewing candidates that are not a fit in the first place. Over all better campus culture.

HR Depts

Talent Pools will be deeper with more high quality candidates; will also benefit HR so that the hiring process is quicker and streamlined.


The better hire that an organization makes, the higher quality of instruction the students will have.

Education Centric Talent Acquisitions

Talent Acquisitions is new to the EDU space. Up until recently districts have begun to add a “human capital or human assets team”. This department is different from HR– Talent Acquisitions is outward facing and about building sustainable pipelines of talent for the organization. In the past districts have sat back and waited for talent to come to them.

Acquiring the right talent is difficult. Making the right hire can mean higher staff retention, less time interviewing candidates you will not hire, less money training candidates that are not the right fit, and ultimately, higher student outcomes.

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