Special Education Management

Specialized for Education. Competitively priced. Tailored to you.

Prepared to help with:

  • Restructuring your special education department
  • Temporary coordination of special education services
  • Auditing of files
  • Preparation and running of ARDs
  • Full management of your special education department
  • Staff Development, including CEUs
  • Strategically managing backlog

Available services:

  • IEP specialist for ARDs
  • Facilitated ARD meetings
  • Individualized IEP consult
  • IEP maintenance and compliance
  • 504 maintenance and compliance
  • Tailored RTI support and maintenance

Special Education Director/Coordinator:

  • Communication with parents
  • IEP & 504 audit
  • Compliance & review
  • ARD Chair
  • 504 Chair
  • Oversee implementation of IEPs
  • IEP Consultation for teachers & administrators
  • PEIMS management for special education funding
  • Meet regularly with special education teachers and instructional assistants to ensure proper implementation of IEPs
  • Meet with administrators regarding special populations’ needs & progress
  • Service to students over 18
  • Homebound Services
  • Understanding different roles in the district
  • Different Tease Accounts
  • Funding Sources
  • Budgeting
  • IDEA
  • Medicaid
  • Early Intervention Service
  • Maintenance of Effort
  • AD Hoc Reports
  • Attendance Accounting
  • Business relationship
  • Conference Meeting Frequency
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • ESY Services
  • District Policies
  • Legal Framework
  • Process Maps
  • Private Schools in the District
  • Keeping of Records
  • Appropriately Staffing
  • Working with Campuses (Facilities, Staffing, Teams, Hiring, Training, Expenses, Continuum Services)

On-Site Training:
– IEP implementation
– RTI Implementation
– Instructional strategies

Our team is comprised of a multitude of specialists, skill sets, and decades of experience. We are a multi-disciplinary team capable of handling small to large district needs. Our top priority is to be a partner in innovation with our clients. Whether your district needs us for a couple of weeks or for a full school year, we can do it.