Struggles in the workplace

One of the number one stressors for an employee at work is knowing their child is struggling in school. It’s a tremendous contributor to employee absenteeism and can cause employees to feel like they’re working in a fog of stress and exhaustion when they are in the work place… They get constant calls, emails, and texts from school informing them that their children are not doing well. It’s supposed to be time to relax when they get home; however, they end up spending hours on homework or redirecting behavior and never get a chance to downshift.

Families get lost trying to find the proper resources to help their children in school. Is it only a developmental stumble their child is experiencing right now? Or should they get professional assistance? Where do they go for help?

But what about the individuals in the workplace that are struggling with challenges? They may have gone their entire educational career with supports, but suddenly are on their own. They may have also never been exposed to the challenges the workplace can bring and thus it was never spotted.


A.I.M. has surrounded itself with incredible specialist, leaders, organizations, and resources. We’ve developed a toolkit of resources for families and individuals that will help them connect the dots. We are looking to build partnerships with companies so we can come into their workplace and be a go-to resource for families. We can do onsite trainings during or after work hours. We can build a hotline for families and individuals to call when they have questions. We can consult with workplace leadership to build strategic understanding on mental health. A.I.M. knows the logistics of being a working parent. Being one doesn’t have to be a stumbling block, but can be an impetus for creative change that can increase productivity and talent retention.