Chatter PALS

     Description of Chatter PALS:

  • Preschool speech therapy class housed in one location in the district
  • Ages of children in Chatter PALS is  3, 4 and 5 year olds that are not eligible for Kindergarten
  • Each class contains up to 12 children per group
  • Classes are held 2 times a week and each class is 2 hours long
  • Lessons are driven by the speech and language goals written in IEP
  • Centers may include: literacy, arts/crafts, phonemic awareness and individual/small group speech therapy

     Mission of Chatter PALS:

  • Provide Speech services in a more natural learning and language enriched environment.
  • Decrease the likelihood that students entering Kindergarten will need continued speech therapy services
  • Decrease the likelihood of reading disorders associated with language and articulation impairments
  • Improve effective communication skills to access the school curriculum
  • Improve communication with parents to ensure faster carryover outside of the speech room.

     Eligibility criteria:

  • Students presenting with moderately delayed expressive language skills.  Articulation deficits may co-occur.
  • Students displaying intact language skills with moderate to severe articulation impairments.
  • In the past, when districts have stuck to the eligibility guidelines (moderately delayed expressive language skills and/or articulation deficits), our groups have shown an 80% dismissal rate prior to entering Kindergarten.  If the provider wants to include students with receptive language impairments; the dismissal rate will likely not be 80%