Wellness and Preventative Services

As former school district employees AIMers have seen the world of education from the inside out. Now as education partners, we see it from the outside looking in.

This unique perspective has helped us understand how families are constantly caught between the world of school-based eligibility and medical-based service models. Confusing, right?


ealth, wellness or safety & security issues derail students’ learning too often. Something as simple as needing glasses (that the family can’t provide) becomes a bottleneck in the process of learning and intervention. Kids are struggling and they need wrap-around support that’s just too broad and far-reaching to be the sole responsibility of the school. AIM as a private company has the opportunity to be nimble and creative in the ways we can approach student challenges.

Simply understanding the challenges our kids face everyday puts AIM in the position to listen for solutions as we go about in the community. 

These services include


Trauma Informed Care

Community Partnerships