English Learners

ESL Program Management

Our team provides consultation services, management, and services for identified English language learners. Our team works with a range of specialty services such as Special Education, Section 504, and RtI committees to ensure their language needs are addressed. In addition, our team offers customizable e-documents, software for compliance, and technical support as needed. The list of services for each area are listed below with a short description of what it entails. Included in this is support for paraprofessionals.

ESL Program Management

  • Management of initial setup – provide substantial on-site support in the beginning of the year with fading support as school year progresses.

  • Reports on compliance to State – support with creating report, auditing for compliance, and review as required by state and federal guidelines.
  • Supports and assists with state and federal grant for ELL Education.
  • Compliance (LPAC meetings)
  • LPAC framework policies – work collaboratively with schools and school attorneys to develop updated policies and upload them to the required site for compliance.
  • Procedures/Protocols – specially designed to maintain data, document services, and compliance.
  • Trainings for staff – Registrars, administrators, teachers receive required training for confidentiality purposes, training on implementing ELPs in the classroom, TELPAS administration, collection of writing samples, and documentation requirements.
  • Audit (BOY and EOY)- ELL Folders are reviewed and audited for compliance based on guidelines and requirements by state and federal statutes.
  • Forms – created and developed based on the charter’s needs for data collection, documentation, and log of service hours provided. Forms can be printed documents or e-forms.

ELL Programming

  • Identification
  • Placement
  • Perform oral language testing for identification, reclassification, and exiting program
  • Program monitoring and evaluation
  • Folders review/edit (BOY, MOY, EOY)
  • Compliance with PEIMS reporting
  • Establish procedures for new incoming students
  • Staff for sped teacher and Lpac facilitator

Program Review: Tailored to the school current needs

  • Support with Targeted Improvement Plans
  • Facilitation of LPAC meetings as needed
  • Training staff on program implementation and best practices