With the changes happening in Texas in regards to Dyslexia, schools are finding themselves stretched beyond limits to comply with mandates and serve all kids. The AIM team includes professionals who are experienced Dyslexia evaluators and Dyslexia interventionists. Additionally, we have the scope to understand how 504, RtI, Special Education, ESL and Dyslexia might be interrelated.  
Since Texas is taking a fresh look at dyslexia, we are ready to support the shift in philosophy and all that comes with it. 
We have been doing dyslexia evaluations for years, this isn’t new. We got this. Bulk evaluations? We got this. Bilingual evaluations? We got this. 

Beyond the evaluation

We are ready to provide instruction as well. We have dyslexia instructional staff who are ready to integrate into your department and give those students the services they need. We can push into your existing schedules so the coordination is seamless. We come to you. We use your curriculum. We’re and extension of your own staff. 
Additionally, we understand the bigger picture of how processes and methods, tracking, assessment tools and documentation can all impact numbers and the services you need to provide. Our Dyslexia audits will look at your processes and tools to spot anything that could lead to under- or over-identification of students with dyslexia. 
Contact AIM to set up a conversation about how you’re currently handling Dyslexia and what you would like to accomplish going forward. Our solutions are tailored to your needs and numbers because there is no one-size-fits-all in education.