In the current environment where we are required to get the avalanche of evaluations finished, there simply aren’t enough hours in the school week to get them all completed on time.

We are ready to take advantage of hours when schools have typically been closed. Evenings, breaks, and weekends are now becoming the new normal for testing opportunities. Our team is ready to assist with this creative approach.

Our team can provide LSSP, SLP, OT, PT, AI, and VI (english and bilingual) evaluations

We have a logistics packet that allows planning and preparation to ensure success

We meet with you to tailor our assessment plan to match your district’s approach on values and philosophy

We work with your staff to understand your ARD scheduling capacity

We can pace evaluations to match your schools bandwidth

We can contact families to arrange dates and locations

Testing dates can be lumped or spread across dates

We can have onsite coordinators to ensure efficiency

We then work with your staff on transitioning information back to your team

Additional Summer Services Available Include


Related Services




Compensatory services



Social Skills

In-home training


IPI & AIP Service Plans

Unique Solution

Our program managers will meet with your team to build a custom approach to weekend and summer testing. As part of our site protocol, we meet with you to understand how you approach assessment and eligibility, how do you make decisions, what do you do that makes your work uniquely your district’s. We strive to complete the work in the same spirit you would so despite the fact that you called in reinforcements, it gets done your way.

Your team will design the roll out of these services without having to worry about the logistics, outreach, and management. This means you are able to reduce your staff members’ caseloads and expand your capacity to focus on other projects.