Speech Therapy


Assessment Intervention Management

Assessment Intervention Management, AIM, has a highly trained speech staff that shares a passion for conducting educational speech evaluations and providing speech therapy.  Both evaluations and therapy are appropriate to the educational setting supporting academics. Our speech staff are knowledgeable and trained in a variety of IEP computerized programs.  Our Speech Language Pathologists enjoy working with all students regardless of disability.


We have experienced Speech Language Directors as well as monolingual and bilingual Speech Language Pathologists and Speech Language Pathologist- Assistants.

AIM Speech staff specializes in the following areas:

  • Autism/ Pragmatic Language
  • Assistive Technology / Augmentative Communication
  • Articulation
  • Receptive/Expressive Language
  • Fluency
  • Voice
Business Meeting

AIM speech staff is prepared to help with:


  • Collaborating and designing Response to Interventions related to speech and language
  • Conducting speech and hearing screenings
  • Conducting school based evaluations following recommended TEA criteria
  • Providing professional informative, parent friendly reports
  • Preparing, attending and facilitating IEP Meetings


  • Providing Individualized Speech Therapy following the school model
  • Using a variety of models to meet the needs of individual students (i.e. push in, group, individual, consultative)
  • Planning and preparing plan of treatments in alignment with IEP


  • Providing CYF supervision
  • Providing SLP-Assistant supervision
  • Providing Graduate Student supervision


  • Collecting data on district specific forms or AIM provided forms (i.e. session notes, attendance)
  • Maintaining and supporting district, state and federal compliance
  • Student Health and Related Services (SHARS), Child Outcome Summary Form (COSF)

Professional Development/Collaboration

  • Providing consultation and collaboration with a variety of professionals
  • Providing professional development on various topics
  • Providing Parent / Home training based on IEP recommendations
  • Distributing and providing information on developmental normative data for all areas of speech and language