Sped 360

Our “Sped 360 Suite” includes a tiered approach of supports and services available for  purchase by any school or district. Services include: LSSPs, Licensed Psychologists, SLPs, SLPAs, OTs, PTs, AI Teachers, VI Teachers, Nursing, and O&M specialists.


  • Services as outlined in the contract.
  • Quality Assurance


  • Everything in Core
  • Director level consultation
  • Interactive online tracker


  • Everything in Connect
  • Special Education Director Consultation
  • Specialized ARD facilitation
  • Tiered professional development
  • Service monitoring
  • State and Federal monitoring
  • Expedited request availability


  • Everything in Complete
  • Program development
  • Two annual tailored audits
  • Program review upon request
  • Federal and state funding guidance
  • Hotline
  • Parent Nights
  • Customized special education tools
  • RtI Development, and 504 Compliance
  • Staffing needs assessment

Quality Assurance

Evaluations are sent through a multi-disciplinary team for review to ensure that each report is reviewed for compliance and errors. This ensures evaluation reports are comprehensive, thorough, and detailed. We also have a process and operations team who constantly monitor compliance to ensure that individual school processes are considered and followed.

Director Level Consult

Directors in the fields of Speech and Language, Related Services, and LSSP are available for consultation via email, phone, or in person on topics or items related to their area of expertise.

Special Education Director Consult

Consultation is available on a variety of topics from experienced administrators. Special Education directors are available via email, phone, or in person for consultation on a broad range of Special Education topics, such as staffing, compliance, grants, ARD meetings, etc. This includes legal updates.

Specialized ARD Facilitation

Our team will provide support from experienced special education administrators  trained in Facilitated IEP meetings and mediation practices.

Tiered Professional Development

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State and Federal Monitoring

Our team will provide monitoring of compliance indicators per state and federal requirements.

State and Federal funding guidance

Assistance and support with state and federal grants for special education funding.

Program Development

Our team will provide guidance on program development and grant funding for your district.


Two customized audits per year. Audits can include compliance indicators but will highlight quality aspects/needs of a particular program or service.

RtI Development, 504 Compliance

Our team will provide support, and guidance in the development of solid, research-based RtI processes and procedures. We will also assist with overseeing compliance of Section 504 services.

Program Review

Our team will complete a customized program review focusing on data analysis, parental input, staff input, and a thorough analysis of critical success factors, as well as areas for improvement. This will include drafting a plan to address these concerns.


A unique direct number for your staff to access our experts for any questions or advice after hours.

Parent Nights

Presentations throughout the school year to inform parents and stakeholders of events or topics related to special services. Tailored to school’s needs and/or requests.

Customized special education tools

Our team will help you develop and implement customized software that your team can utilize to track data, manage caseloads, improve communication, centralize information, etc. You’ll receive consultation with our staff to go through the process of taking your ideas and designing it to fit your needs.

Staffing needs assessment

Our staff may review, upon request, your current staffing ratios with a practical approach to assist you with determining appropriate staffing for a variety of special education services.