Special Education Support

AIM provides an inclusive one stop shop for special education services. We focus on only working with public schools and do not do any home healthcare operations.

Our entire team comes from a background of working in public school education. This means we understand the unique and dynamic aspects of education.

These services can be provided in short term or as long term solutions
  • Taking on complicated/contentious situations
  • Handling overflow evaluations/therapy
  • Filling in for maternity leave
  • Covering a vacancy
  • Supervision/Training

School Psychology

We provide contract psychological, speech, occupational therapy, and special education services to schools across Texas. We do everything from one evaluation in a year to 3 days a week as a lead LSSP, SLP, and OT in a district. We supervise, test, counsel, intervene, audit, consult and provide bilingual services in all these areas.

Speech Therapy

highly trained speech staff that shares a passion for conducting educational speech evaluations and providing speech therapy.

Related Services

AIM can offer related services by professionals who have worked in schools previously and understand the educational model approach.


Our “Sped 360 Suite” includes a tiered approach of supports and services available for purchase by any school or district. Services include: LSSPs, Licensed Psychologists, SLPs, SLPAs, OTs, PTs, AI Teachers, VI Teachers, Nursing, and O&M specialists.

Weekend & Summer Services

In the current environment where we are required to get the avalanche of evaluations finished, there simply aren’t enough hours in the school week to get them all completed on time.