Why not let AIM us hire your school principal or other administrators and trust us with the perfect hire? This will lighten your load and allow for a premier partnership.


One of the advantages of AIM is our ability to access quality school administrators. Our employees have an exceptional reach and connections far within the region and state as well as outside of Texas. To be able to service our clients by providing them with topnotch, qualified, screened and dedicated instructional school leaders and administrators is a service we are proud of.

Trusted Partner

To rely on AIM as your trusted partner in providing you with a ready-to-go school leader placed within your campus is one less step in the process for you. We excel in talent acquisition as well as allow for one of the most unique interview processes. We search for administrators who are relatable, cutting edge and intuitively-driven as well as qualified to uphold the Texas Administrator Standards in their everyday work. In addition, it is important to our mission at AIM to canvass for strategic leaders who are high-functioning and high-caliber instructional leaders.


At any point in the school year, you can call on us to fill your administrator hiring needs. We realize the potential for a school leader to leave their job at any time of the year is a possibility while leaving that campus in a bind. This is where we can step in. We will orient school leaders while at the same time serving as the liaison to their placement on your campus. Our goal is to make that initial connection a strong one as well as allowing the space for all to ensure the successful retention of your school administrators. Why not rely on AIM as your recruiter for ready-to-hire school leaders?