AIM can provide support at both the instructional and administrative level for a school. Our staff comes with experience of working in variety of settings and with different types of students. As we move in and out of large urban, small rural, charter and established private schools we have gained a perspective that few other organizations have.

We see how the same state and federal laws are interpreted in so many different ways. We see how schools work to accommodate their particular populations. This repeated exposure has provided us with an understanding about the inner-workings of these systems that’s not based in theory or overarching paradigms. We have gained our perspective from boots on the ground and, as a result, have pragmatic and specific ideas on solutions that are attainable, realistic and measurable.


Certified and professionally developed substitute teachers ready to adapt to any of a schools specific content needs.


Why not let AIM us hire your school principal or other administrators and trust us with the perfect hire? This will lighten your load and allow for a premier partnership.