Program Reviews


  • Obtain a comprehensive picture of the special education services within the context of school and community
  • Highlight areas of strength within the current program
  • Examine the models of service used to support students with disabilities as well as their effectiveness in light of current research
  • Collect reliable data to guide making sound recommendations/considerations for improvement
  • Gather data that identifies current trends in student outcomes and progress
  • Evaluate alignment of evaluation, and programming
  • Identify trends in evaluations that may be skewing eligibility of certain students due to sociological factors.


The result of this comprehensive review will present the strengths and needs of the special education program and services within the context of the daily school operations. Data will be summarized in a fashion that is both meaningful and useful. The various viewpoints of administrators, teachers, and parents will be combined with results of surveys and focus group meetings to produce a powerful and accurate picture of the program. Comprehensive recommendations and considerations for program improvement will be drawn from the combination of this information.