Teacher Leader Academy

The Teacher Leadership Academy (TLA) is designed for emerging teacher leaders who serve in various roles within LEAs or charter schools. The academy focuses on developing and strengthening leadership-based competencies, enabling teacher leaders to positively impact student achievement and promotes collegial professional growth. What we emphasize in the academy is that teacher leadership does not mean one has to aspire to the principalship.


Teacher leaders can grow the campus culture in a variety of ways without ever having to step out of their role as a teacher.

 The goal is to infuse teachers with confidence and a mental model of distributed leadership while at the same time incorporating a vision that defaults to teachers as a partner in decision-making as opposed to the I-am-just-a-teacher mentality.


Aligned with the Texas Teacher Standards and Texas-Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS)



6 times a year/3.5 hours
each time; or 3 times a year/6 hours each time, after school, during the school
day or Saturdays either half-days or full days; project assigned with outside
time for a total of =40 hours of CEUs


Limit of 35 teachers, based on the book, Power
with Teacher Leaders:Their Roles, Influence, and Impact.