Leaders Network

AIM is launching a brand new service for our charter school partners. The Charter Leader Network is a forum for discussion and collaboration for charter school administrators hosted by our specialists at AIM.  We understand that charter school leaders have unique needs. This network will help us share some of those questions, concerns, and ideas that are unique to charter schools and build upon our knowledge and expertise to help each other achieve our goal to provide a tuition-free high quality education to our students.


This Charter Leader Network will include:


Online Q&A Forum – This service will be exclusive to charter school leaders where AIM specialists can provide meaningful solutions to your unique problems. This includes questions related to Special Ed compliance, staff training, student behavior, parental communication, and anything related to education and learning for special populations.

Conference calls – AIM will host regularly scheduled conference calls for AIM specialists to provide ongoing support, and for Charter Leaders to share success stories and concerns with AIM and other Charter Leaders. Topics of discussion will include, answers to questions posted on the Forum, discussing current trends in Special Education, legal updates, best practices, new technology, etc.

Charter Leader Networking Events – Build relationships with other school leaders and collaborate in special projects, events and community partnerships.
Professional Development Series – Empower teachers and staff at your school with our Professional Development workshops on a variety of topics related to Special Education, learning, and educational leadership. Attendees can earn CEU’s for each of these workshops.

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