Coaching for School Leaders & Teachers

Coaching can be impactful only if you believe in it, make time for it, practice it and honor it.

Complete Service

AIM Coaching is a framework that is flexible in its approachable in its frequency of support for school leaders and teachers. It is not a program we offer, it is a service we provide to our partners in education. It involves meaningful observations and shadowing with in-the-moment coaching. The first day is comprised of observations of the school leader during their typical day-to-day happenings for a half-day. After determining a focus area of growth, the coach and school leader will create a working plan together.

Promoting positive energy

Thereafter, the coach will observe and provide in-the-moment coaching based on coaching skills that transformational and effective in systematic change. The areas of focus for growth are communication, awareness, self-awareness, conflict resolution, vulnerability, and collaboration. In between coaching visits, the client (leader) will keep a journal based on self-awareness pieces. The final day will involve an in-depth final report and areas to sustain when moving forward.

6 school days, 12 school days, or 18 school days.

One-on-one, face-to-face, or over-the-phone