Administrator Leadership Academy

Administrator Leadership Academy is designed to be a hands-on interactive program, which allows participants to form collaborative relationships amongst themselves to further expand and extend learning from a knowledge base of school improvement to a stronger and more conceptual understanding of leadership.  The Academy provides leadership development to selected administrators in building and strengthening their skills through the lens of school improvement and personal growth. We also pay direct attention to any needs surrounding areas like coaching, culture, and non-technical skills.

Program Design

Incorporates a reflective practice which promotes professional growth

Provides interaction that stimulates hearty and fruitful discussions while
gaining strategies to transcend their role as an instructional leader

Designed and aligned with Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System
(T-TESS) specifically with Domain IV. Professional Responsibilities and Domain
VI. Professional Development.

Over twenty (20) hours of Leadership professional development.

Strategic Leadership Academy (SLA):


Learn how to develop and retain leaders
who can guide your organization through times of fundamental change.

Our Process

Through full day workshops, school
leaders learn about the 10 Principles of Strategic Leadership so your team
can unlock the potential. 


Some of the
principles deal with systems and structures, people and practices, and focus on