Family Solutions

We also provide private evaluations and therapy for individuals here at our office. We know that families and individuals are searching for answers and we want to help guide them. For more information on our evaluations please visit our sister company Spark Assessment Center.

Free Consultation

We provide a free consultation here at the office. During the consultation we listen between the lines. What has worked? What hasn’t? What worry keeps you up at night? We know that you most likely have a nagging suspicion that ‘something’ is wrong but it’s something that only you can see. You feel like you need to solve it so that your child doesn’t spend years going through school struggling. You need to solve it so you don’t miss your chance at higher education. Maybe your worst fear is not knowing what to do when you or your child hits a road block that you can’t detour around.



We hand pick our evaluator to provide the best fit with the needs of your situation. We choose them based on their expertise, background, and experience working with cases similar to what you’re needing. Once the evaluator is assigned, they will reach out to your family and schedule a meeting so they can begin testing. And parents, don’t worry if your student is difficult to connect with, tends to be defiant, is hyper or messy or silly or whatever. We are experts in all of that. It’s what we DO. We’re real people. Maybe we even WERE that kid. We get you.



Remember when we just wanted to know an IQ score? One score? We don’t just look at one score. Not one of us can be represented by just one number. Thank Goodness. We look at different scores, profiles, and explore how they interact with each other. We also look at things from the school’s point of view and your perspective as a parent. We perform a wide array of tests (to kids it’s like games) to uncover the information. We sample each concept several different ways so we can be confident in our results.

Types of Testing




Intellectual Disability


Learning Disability

Assessment for Counseling
Intellectual Evaluation
Academic Evaluation
Psychological Evaluation
Emotional Disturbance Evaluation
Speech Evaluation
Evaluation for Attention issues
Functional Behavioral Evaluation (FBA)
Occupational Therapy Evaluation
Assistive Technology Evaluation
Evaluation for Auditory Impairment
Evaluation for Vision Impairment
Independent Evaluation
Special Education Consultation
Special Education Reevaluation
Gifted and Talented Testing
In Home Training and Parent Training Evaluation



This is the most important part of the whole process. We call it a parent interpretation, but it’s really a meeting to go over the results. We break down the information in the report so that you understand what it all means. To a lot of people the report is ‘mumbo jumbo’ and we know that can be really overwhelming and unhelpful. That’s why we will spend as much time as you need to go over the report. You can ask unlimited – yes, unlimited – questions. Not only that, if you need time to digest everything or think of questions later, you can always give us a call or email us after the interpretive meeting.


What now?

So the daunting question is “What comes next?” Well it really depends on what you hoped to get out of the evaluation. For some parents, they just want to ‘know’ their child better. And that’s fantastic! For some adult students, they just need guidance as they make decisions about secondary education. Some individuals need more intensive intervention. In our reports we make recommendations that talk about what you can do to help build ‘ramps’ for your child so they can overcome their road blocks in learning.

For some learners, these recommendations may need the school’s help. That’s why we write our reports just like schools do. Take the report to the school so they can see the results as well. If they have any questions they can give us a call and we will handle the discussion from there. We have built incredible relationships with a huge number of schools across Texas.