Say hello to Bullseye


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Bullseye is our interactive special education portal built by special education specialists for special education. Find out the progress of an evaluation, therapy notes from a speech session, and even protocol inventory. We’ve built it to be robust but simple to drill down into the details. It’s quick to find the information you are searching for and easy to add additional items.

Dashboard gives you all the information your team needs at a quick glance, including upcoming evaluations, recent changes, and pressing items that need attention.

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Information pertaining to a certain evaluation can be obtained. You can see how many days are left until it’s due and the referral packet pertaining to the student.

Find everything you need about a student. How they are progressing towards their goals, previous evaluations, parent contact information, and much more. Easy to find information, just at a glance.

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Managing a caseload has never been easier. See which student’s and their perspective schools are assigned to you. From here, you can drill into each student’s page to find out more information about that student.