Looking for ideas for sensory friendly summertime fun?! During the school year, the emphasis is on inclusion, so why should that stop just because it is summer?  There are tons of programs available which offer designated sensory friendly opportunities! Check some of these out:


Tuesdays before 2pm, the Alamo Drafthouse has Alamo For All showings.  What makes these showings different?  The sound is turned down, the lights are turned up, and guests don’t have to stay in their seats.  The Drafthouse typically won’t permit guests to enter a theater once the showing is started and they definitely frown upon talking during the movie.  However, during Alamo For All showings, guests can arrive late, talk, and make noise during the showings.  Showing schedule varies during the holidays and some shows are available on weekends.


DoSeumoffers the Beyond Limits Program one day per month. In order to offer a calmer environment, spots are limited, and adults must pre-register or register at the door as soon as possible.  The DoSeum offers accessories like sunglasses and earplugs free of charge and modifies existing exhibits by decreasing noise or changing lighting.  They also help families find the appropriate space for their needs with specialized signage marking high sensory, low sensory, calming, and tactile areas.  Additional trained staff from Any Baby Can and Region 20 Special Education Department are available during the program as well.


If you’re looking for another movie experience, AMCalso presents Sensory Friendly Films! Again, the lights are turned up and the sound is turned down.  Guests are welcome to get up, sing, and dance. The 2ndand 4thSaturdays of the month are family friendly showings while Tuesday evenings are for mature audiences.


Also available the evenings of the 2ndand 4thTuesdays of the month is Inclusive Hang Time at Hang Indoor Play!  in addition to lighting and sound changes, there is a private de-escalation room available.  Staff is equipped with visual cards, visual schedules are available, and parents are allowed in the play area.  Hang also provides a social narrative on their website to help prepare for Hang time!


Have fun!