Our Process


Our Process

Generally, A.I.M. approaches tasks using a paradigm of Legal, then Ethical, then Reasonable. This applies to all areas of our business: consultation, assessment and therapy. Applying this approach as we problem solve ensures that we are first driven to make decisions, which comply with state and federal laws governing public education. Focusing on this area will ensure that we address issues related to concepts such as accountability, appropriate use of funding, ensuring that FAPE is provided and protecting the rights of students and families.


For schools, our teams provide consultation services at every point of the intervention model: Tier I through Tier III. We understand how difficult it is to navigate the maze of RtI and special education evaluation. Our services are customizable, depending on the level of guidance your staff needs to accomplish their goals and meet their deadlines.  While we are always growing and changing, we strive to establish consistent teams at each of our contracting sites. Our goal with this is multi-faceted. Assigning and keeping a consistent team on your site will increase productivity, reduce redundancy, and foster the kind of professional relationships that sets the stage for the kind of collaboration and problem-solving that’s needed in special education.

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Dedicated Support

We provide training for our own staff or ensure that they have adequate experience and knowledge to perform their duties at the high level of proficiency that is our standard. Our goal is to provide a quality service, in a timely manner, and do it in an ethical way. We push to always tailor our product to our clients and ensure complete transparency. All chief officers are hands on and work along side our employees. We are in constant communication with our clients. Our brand is our pride.