Teacher for the Visually Impaired

El Paso, TX

Primary Purpose

Provide instructional support to students with visual impairments so they may be successful in their school programs. Provide instruction in compensatory skills, such as use of specific devices and equipment, daily living skills and self-advocacy, to maximize their participation in school activities, post-secondary school experiences, and the community.

Minimum Qualifications


• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four year college or university

• Valid Texas teaching certificate as a teacher of the visually impaired

• Candidate must have satisfactory outcome of fingerprinting background check.

Special Knowledge/Skills

• Knowledge of policies and procedures specific to the role of Teacher of the Visually Impaired

• Knowledge of and ability to conduct Functional Vision Evaluations and Learning Media Assessments on students

• Knowledge of curriculum and instruction at all grade levels

• Ability to develop IEP goals/objectives specific to skills needed, as related to vision loss

• Ability to participate in the ARD/IEP process

• Ability to individualize services to students and work effectively with them one-to-one

• Knowledge of the developmental needs of students related to vision loss for students of varying ability levels and ages

• Ability to work cooperatively with campus teachers to assure that visually impaired students are able to participate in classroom activities with necessary accommodations

• Knowledge of resources available through the district and in the community in support of vision needs

• Ability to demonstrate strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills

• Ability to adjust and be flexible to a multitude of situations in the school environment

Instructional Planning and Delivery

• Participate in the response to intervention, referral and assessment processes of students with vision loss.

• Conduct evaluations specific to functional vision and learning media needs, as required by TEA.

• Work with other staff members to determine instructional goals and objectives for the classrooms as well as specific instruction in skills needed to compensate for vision loss.

• Participate in the selection of accommodations and instructional methods appropriate for students with vision loss.

• Assist in the selection of technology, equipment and materials appropriate for students with vision loss.

• Assist with the preparation of materials (Braille and other) needed by VI students in order to participate in classroom instruction and activities.

Qualities of Effective Teachers of the Visually Impaired

• Use effective communication skills to present information accurately and clearly to students, parents and staff.

• Maintain a professional relationship with colleagues, students, parents and community members.

• Participate in staff development activities that improve job-related skills and professional growth.

• Keep informed of and comply with state, district, and school regulations and policies for teachers, including daily attendance, punctuality and confidentiality.

• Compile, maintain and file all reports, records and other required documents.

• Comply with the Texas Educators’ Code of Ethics

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