Assistive Technology Specialist

San Antonio, TX

Primary Purpose:

Coordinate and manage district instructional programs to meet the needs of student’s served through an life skills classroom. Serve as instructional leader in development and improvement of programs provided in life skills classrooms. Collaborate with district staff and outside personnel to formulate, develop, implement, and evaluate research based interventions in Special Education. Provide Assistive Technology services to eligible students and support education professionals to enable special education students to access their educational process as independently as possible.

Education / Certification:

• Valid Special Education Certificate

• Master’s degree from an accredited college or university preferred.

• Assistive Technology background and / or certificate preferred Special Knowledge / Skills:

• Knowledge of curriculum and instruction.

• Knowledge of special educationprograms, regulations, and specific areas of disability.

• Knowledge/familiarization of Assistive Technology devices, services, regulations and procedures relating to IDEA/Federal/State mandates.

• Ability to interpret individual assessment data (FIE) with regards to program planning and implementation.

• Ability to evaluate program effectiveness; program compliance.

• Ability to interpret policy, procedures, and data.

• Strong organizational, communication, public relations, and interpersonal skills.

• Ability to establish and maintain relationships with AIM clients, other districts, state and federal agency personnel who are involved with the research, administration, and coordination of Special Education programs.

Experience / Other Requirements:

• Three years of teaching experience or equivalent special education experience is required. Major Responsibilities and Duties: Instructional Management

• Provides continuous and systematic procedures for professional growth for classroom teachers through workshops and demonstrations pertinent to methods and materials that will ensure success for students served in life skills classrooms.

• Consults frequently with classroom teachers on matters relating to instruction.

• Recommends adoption and use of varied instructional materials.

• Assists building principals and other administrators and/or supervisors in implementing the instructional program.

• Assists in the evaluation of ongoing programs and makes recommendations for changes.

• Works as a resource person for teachers of students served in life skills classrooms.

• Helps teachers to diagnose student strengths and weaknesses and to match these skills with appropriate techniques, materials, and/or technology.

• Works with school support staff and school administrators to facilitate the coordination of programs for students served in life skills classrooms.

• Coordinates and/or provides in-home training services as specified in a student’s IEP.

• Attends appropriate professional meetings and workshops to maintain proficiency and acquire new ideas for instructional improvement. Informs administration of the effects of current and impending legislation.

Assistive Technology

• Develop/implement Assistive Technology procedures and guidelines.

• Develop process to implement and monitor Assistive Technology services/devices for eligible students.

• Develop/maintain Assistive Technology Lending Library for district wide use.

• Provide in-services/workshops and/or consultation to district personnel, students, families on Assistive Technology guidelines, programs, devices/modifications, evaluations, and data collection.

• Develop/implement/monitor campus and district-based assistive technology teams

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